Blackfire - Acrylic Display - Dice Tubes

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SKU: BF02351
Produttore:: ADC BLACKFIRE

An acrylic display to present our RPG Dice Sets in tubes in an attractive way. The display measures 25 x 14,5 cm and has a height of 8 cm. It is able to hold 28 of our plastic dice tubes.

The following products are available in tubes:
Blackfire Dice - 16mm Assorted D10 Dice 0-9 (5 Dice)
Blackfire Dice - 16mm Assorted D10 Dice 00-90 (5 Dice)
Blackfire Dice - 20mm Assorted D20 Dice (5 Dice)
Blackfire Dice - All 16mm Role Playing Dice Sets
Blackfire Dice - 8mm Assorted D6 Dice (30 Dice)

Will be soon in tubes as well:
Blackfire Dice - Positive/Negative D6 Dice 16 mm (8 Dice)

One product will be credited if you reach an overall order amount of 250 € of dice tube products within one year.