Box for Eyes of the Nine

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Produttore:: SAFE & SOUND

Presented product is Half-sided box with a foam tray for Eyes of the Nine warband from Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault.

Each package includes:

a thick stiff-cardboard box covered by plastic foil;

a soft foam tray that provide individual spaces for miniatures from Eyes of the Nine warband, two stacks of cards and space for dice;

two 10 mm thick foam separators protecting the top and the bottom of the miniatures. The top separator is already adhered to the lid;

a Velcro attachment to prevent unwanted opening of the box.

External dimesions of the box: 280mm x215mm x65mm;
Internal dimesions of the box: 252mm x215mm x60mm;

Dimesions of the foam tray: 252mm x200 x50mm. Slots are deep for 40 mm.