Shadespire XL Box to carry all warbands in one box

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SKU: SS3656
Produttore:: SAFE & SOUND

The presented product is XL Box that provides space for all miniatures from all warbands of Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire.

In this box you will find a dedicated space for each single miniatures.

Each package includes:

a thick stiff-cardboard box covered by plastic foil;

two trays that provide individual spaces for all miniatures from the game;

an additional top separator to protect the miniatures of the uppermost foam tray;

two Velcro attachments to prevent unwanted opening of the box.

Each tray dimension: 394 mm x 267 mm and 46 mm thick. Foam trays are made of increased density foam, what makes them more stiff, gives better protection and allow for easier access to miniatures.

External dimensions of the box: 412 mm x 275 mm x 102 mm;
Internal dimensions of the box: 394 mm x 267 mm x 98 mm.